There are many ways to understand and conceptualize the process of physical conditioning. This is a summary of the DYNAMIC FITNESS approach to personal training:

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The Body Pyramid
Our legs form the base of our stability and strength – the leg muscles are the base of the body pyramid. The second tier of the pyramid is the core. The top of the pyramid is the upper back, shoulders and arms. The body should always be conditioned from the bottom of the pyramid towards the top.

Train From the Inside, Out
Developing any kind of strength or endurance starts with the deep muscles (those close to the skeleton), not the superficial muscles or "mirror muscles." Looks can be deceiving – looking fit and being strong are not the same thing. Our training programs focus on teaching proper alignment, control and stabilization before progressing towards developing power and performance.

The Kinetic Chain
The ability to lift heavy weights or do a lot of repetitions does not always correspond to increased athletic performance and/or functional strength. In order to develop strength and fitness that our clients can actually use every day we use this model for program design:

Client Centered Programming
Lastly, we firmly believe that all clients are created equal and that they all deserve outstanding service and attention. No matter what your background or experience, our job is to lead you to the place(s) you cannot go on your own.